Trial Image

Trial Image (angioplasty animation showing plaque being ‘snowplowed’ into diagonal branch of main artery and subsequent remedial effort resulting in severed arterial wall)

Animation showing typical acceleration/deceleration-based injury to brain on intra-cranial level, moving to microscopic level of neuronal cell damage:

Trial Image 1 from Richard Sherwin on Vimeo.

Animation providing sound and visualization of effects of umbilical cord wrapped tightly around infant’s neck causing severe fluctuations in heart and breathing rates which led, over a twenty minute period, to irreversible brain damage:

Trial Image 2 from Richard Sherwin on Vimeo.

Digital animation showing condensed overview of protracted effort to resuscitate five month old infant admitted to hospital with respiratory infection who is intubated roughly by inexperienced technician and suffers acute respiratory arrest and permanent brain damage:

Trial Image 4 from Richard Sherwin on Vimeo.