Trial Image (angioplasty animation showing plaque being ‘snowplowed’ into diagonal branch of main artery and subsequent remedial effort resulting in severed arterial wall)

Animation showing typical acceleration/deceleration-based injury to brain on intra-cranial level, moving to microscopic level of neuronal cell damage:

Animation providing sound and visualization of effects of umbilical cord wrapped tightly around infant’s neck causing severe fluctuations in heart and breathing rates which led, over a twenty minute period, to irreversible brain damage:

Digital animation showing condensed overview of protracted effort to resuscitate five month old infant admitted to hospital with respiratory infection who is intubated roughly by inexperienced technician and suffers acute respiratory arrest and permanent brain damage:

Animation in product liability case involving swimming pool and faulty filtering system:

Animation in eminent domain case involving tractor-trailer accident on unusually narrow roadway:

Animated accident reconstruction using “computer camera” to provide multiple views of vehicle on unpaved road, colliding with construction equipment; “digital counters” provide distance and time to impact data; brake lines provide information on driver’s response time:

First animation to be admitted into Pennsylvania criminal courts showing positional relationship between defendant and decedent based on visualization of trajectory of bullets from shooter’s .44 magnum; self-defense theory effectively countered by positional and distance information provided:

Accident simulation animation depicting tractor-trailer collision with pedestrian in crosswalk showing multiple perspectives, including relative visibility of victim by driver from cab windshield which was significantly elevated above street:

Animation showing how faulty pool design and maintenance permitted outbreak of Legionnaires disease aboard a cruise ship:

Animation in OSHA case involving theater renovation accident in which a hole cut in a wall leads to the wall’s collapse onto a worker:

Animated reconstruction of motor vehicle accident using detailed diagram reconstructing vehicle distance and timing, using 30 separate “data sectors,” indicating how various actors involved in the accident perceived events, including clocked reaction time of driver, suggesting no unreasonable behavior by driver:

Animation using skeleton to show severe injuries to 27-year-old basketball coach thrown from SUV in accident resulting in complete severing of spinal column:

Animation reconstruction of US Airways Hudson River landing:

Animation of rail tank car for product liability case:

Patent infringement case – computer chip stacking design: