Visual Persuasion

In courtrooms, law offices, government agencies, and elsewhere, how truth and justice are represented and assessed is increasingly dependent on what appears on electronic screens. Lawyers are coming to realize that in order to be successful they must understand the tools of communication at their (and their adversaries’) disposal, especially the visual and multimedia tools that digital technologies make available. Lawyers in the digital era must comprehend and master the effects of these visual tools on their audiences’ perceptions, thoughts, and emotions. Advocates who do not adapt to these demands are going to be at a competitive disadvantage.

There are many visuals to explore on this site. Choose your own entry point and pathway: from top-flight visual litigation service providers (featuring best practices in visual persuasion inside the courtroom) to visual legal training (featuring new law teaching tools and methodologies in real and virtual classrooms) to law and popular culture studies (featuring new scholarly approaches to the interpenetration of law and pop culture) to recent media events (featuring current law-related developments in the visual mass media).