Reenactments and Simulations

21st Century

Animation in eminent domain case involving tractor-trailer accident on unusually narrow roadway:

Animated accident reconstruction using “computer camera” to provide multiple views of vehicle on unpaved road, colliding with construction equipment; “digital counters” provide distance and time to impact data; brake lines provide information on driver’s response time:

First animation to be admitted into Pennsylvania criminal courts showing positional relationship between defendant and decedent based on visualization of trajectory of bullets from shooter’s .44 magnum; self-defense theory effectively countered by positional and distance information provided:

Accident simulation animation depicting tractor-trailer collision with pedestrian in crosswalk showing multiple perspectives, including relative visibility of victim by driver from cab windshield which was significantly elevated above street:

Juris Productions

Gousse v. City of Los Angeles: highly effective settlement brochure: ‘day-in-the-life’ documentary, mixing reality and injury re-enactment, involving highly skilled urological surgeon, a minority student on full scholarship graduating at top of Yale medical school, who suffers debilitating consequences of highly aggressive mistaken arrest by Los Angeles police officers whose negligent use of handcuffs results in damaged nerves in victim’s wrist, causing loss of fine motor control in hands, diminished surgical capacity, emotional suffering, and depression: