2D and 3D Charts and Stills

Visual Advocacy (effective 2-D graphic featuring thorough, step-by-step sequence – integrating relevant legal standard and pivotal video excerpts from depositions by experts – leading decision maker through defendant’s argument that “speculative” expert testimony regarding alleged ‘causal’ nexus linking chromium exposure to Hodgkin’s disease is insufficent to defeat defendant’s motion for summary judgment)

Executive Presentations (2-D re-enactment and 3-D re-enactment of bus accident involving pedestrian being struck as bus turns corner)

Executive Presentations (brief 3-D animation showing operation of seatbelt restraint)

Executive Presentations (brief 3-D animation of slip and fall accident)

Executive Presentations (brief 3-D animation of accident involving driver’s mis-use of pedals causing tractor to roll down hill)

Executive Presentations [shopping cart collision (1) shopping cart collision (2) shopping cart collision (3)] (brief 3-D animations depicting multiple views of shopping cart accident)

This link contains five high profile case vignettes of exceptional creativity and power:

  1. Intel v. Advance Microdevices (reverse engineering)
  2. Ticor v. Wausau (insurance claim)
  3. Maxus v. Kidder Peabody (insider trading case involving Ivan Boesky and Martin Siegel using astute allusion to pop cultural icons [such as TV shows like ‘The Brady Bunch’ & ‘Hollywood Squares’] to implicitly comment on Sigel’s assertion of fifth amendment privilege in pre-trial deposition)
  4. Shell v. Insurance Companies (site contamination – showing ‘guilty knowledge’)
  5. States v. Tobacco Industry (3-D animation depicting tobacco product designed for addiction through the deliberate introduction of ammonia to facilitate rapid delivery of nicotine to the brain)

Also check out the forensic reconstruction of a shooting in the English city of Birmingham.