Airplane Accident

Art of Facts (beautifully produced montage simultaneously bringing together on screen air tower/ pilot communications (with subtitles), map of territory over which plane was flying, and dynamic altitude indicator showing where airplane was, at what time, and at what altitude as pilot desperately copes with stalled engine)

(this video requires Shockwave Flash: click here to download)

Juris Productions (Dr. David Ralph v. Singapore Airlines¬†(high quality settlement brochure: ‘day-in-the-life’ documentary skillfully incorporating multi-media [including victim’s, family’s and experts’ accounts] to depict life story of esteemed Christian school founder and professor and tragic airplane accident resulting in victim’s physical debilitation, constant pain, exhaustion, emotional suffering, loss of life enjoyment, and deep and lasting psychological harm)

Executive Presentations (3-D animation of small airplace crash into trees)

Scene Systems (Animation reconstruction of US Airways Hudson River landing)