Computer Graphics

Beautifully produced montage simultaneously bringing together on screen air tower/ pilot communications (with subtitles), map of territory over which plane was flying, and dynamic altitude indicator showing where airplane was, at what time, and at what altitude as pilot desperately copes with stalled engine:

Animation of accident re-enactment with simultaneous showing of car speed indicator, picture-in-picture highway overview, and location of debris, together with a detailed debris legend, after accident ensues:

(These Videos require Shockwave Flash: click here to download)

Animated accident reconstruction using “computer camera” to provide multiple views of vehicle on unpaved road, colliding with construction equipment; “digital counters” provide distance and time to impact data; brake lines provide information on driver’s response time:

Animated reconstruction of motor vehicle accident using detailed diagram reconstructing vehicle distance and timing, using 30 separate “data sectors,” indicating how various actors involved in the accident perceived events, including clocked reaction time of driver, suggesting no unreasonable behavior by driver: